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MONA KIM | Designer
NATHALIE PEREZ | Project Manager



SpaceX is planning to not only send humans to Mars, but to build permanent settlements there. To monitor the life support systems of these settlements, Martian settlers will have to use technology and automation in order to survive in this harsh environment 225 millions miles from Earth. 


How do we design a tablet-based control panel that allows people to monitor life support systems, energy, greenhouse food production, etc. that is easy to use and makes complex information simple to understand and act upon? 




To understand living conditions in Mars, we  interviewed Devin Waller a Mars expert who worked in one of NASA's Rover Missions. She described atmospheric conditions and cleared our assumptions. Here's a sum of our research:

Image of Mars by NASA.

Image of Mars by NASA.


To find our user we asked ourselves the question "We want to help settlers in Mars..." we came up with three different assumptions.

For these assumptions we found people on Earth with similar tasks.




What did we find?

These people had a lot of similarities! Through card sorting we found subjects that tied them together.

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Meet our user and specialist, Kimia.

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We want to help specialists on Mars by creating an all in one intuitive and simple app that monitors, logs and provides useful information for conducting experiments and sustaining life on Mars.


Image render by artist  Bryan Versteeg

Image render by artist Bryan Versteeg


I'm currently working implementing
Augmented Reality and other features in this project.
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