UX | UI Designer


I'm a UX Designer in digital and physical experiences.

I'm passionate about innovation and interactions that enhance connection.


Case Study: Redesign of the Run Your City Mobile App.

Redesign for Run Your City mobile app.

Run Your City is an mobile app focused on helping people find run clubs  schedule runs in their vicinity. After research the redesign consisted in pivot from to a content based website as a trusted resource for all things running for runners in general.


Decades of Kurosawa

Content Strategy and Design for Decades of Kurosawa

Website designed to compile 33 film reviews written by Robert Taylor about all of Akira Kurosawa's filmography, one of the most iconic and inspiring filmmakers of film history.


Case Study:


Tablet App For Space X Mars Settlers

Design of a tablet app for Space X settlers in Mars.

All in one intuitive and simple app tablet app that regulates and monitors life for specialists in Mars.


Case Study: 

Covered California

Redesign of Covered California's website.

People can't find their healthcare plans at www.coveredcalifornia.com. The redesign goal was to make plans more accessible and intuitive so people could cover their health, a basic need.